Brink Hall (Retired)

Brink Hall outside view

Now retired, Brink Hall was a student apartment complex primarily for upperclassmen. Brink apartments featured two bedrooms, a bath, and kitchenette. Twelve apartments provided space for up to 48 students (four persons per apartment). The complex had a lounge, recreation area and laundry room.

In 2008, Brink Hall came down in order to allow Evergreen Hall to be constructed on the same site.

Building History
Regent Lyman A. Brink
Regent Lyman A. Brink

Brink Hall was built in 1976 and was named in honor of the late Regent Lyman A. Brink of Hallock, Minnesota. Brink was a prominent attorney in Hallock when he was appointed to represent Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District on the University Board of Regents in 1968.