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Over 50% of our student population are transfer students and transfer in on average 72 credits! Wow! But we have transfer students from all stages, whether it be transferring to us after their first semester of college or took a break from college and are looking to come back. Whatever stage you're in, you'll find a place here as a Golden Eagle.

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  • On-campus and Online Students

    • August 1, 2024 - Fall 2024 Deadline
    • December 15, 2024 - Spring 2025 Deadline
  • International Students

    • June 1, 2024 - Fall 2024 Deadline
    • November 1, 2024 - Spring 2025 Deadline
Connect with a Transfer Counselor

Find out how your credits will transfer before you even apply. Learn about the transfer process and life on campus as a transfer student.
Transfer Evaluation

Submit Transcripts

Send us official transcripts from all colleges you've attempted credit at. If you have less than 12 transfer credits you will also need to submit a high school transcript.

Scholarships and FAFSA

While you're waiting on your admission decision, start your FAFSA. Upon admission, apply for our specialty scholarships.
Start your FAFSA

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Visit Campus

On Campus Visit

Sign up for a Campus Experience Visit to get the best feel for what life as a Golden Eagle Student could be like!  Experience a U of M Crookston walking tour with a current Golden Eagle Student, an information session with an Admissions Counselor, and learn about tuition and scholarships from our Financial Aid team! Campus Experience Visits are weekly Tuesday- Friday's.

Pick-a-Date for an On-Campus Visit

Virtual Visit

Sign up for a Virtual Campus Experience from the comfort of your own home! While there is no real substitute for being on campus and we wish we could all be in the same room, this is the next best thing!

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Transfer Credit

Evaluation of Credits

Request an unofficial evaluation of your credits to learn how your credits will transfer, what you will have left to take, and how long it will take you to graduate before you even apply!

Free Transfer Evaluation Request


Students and advisors can also use the an instant online tool, Transferology, for determining course equivalencies, program requirements and how your courses will transfer and apply to a degree program at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Official Credit Evaluation

Upon admission your official transcripts will be evaluated and updated to your APAS (Academic Progress Audit System). Your APAS report lists your degree requirements, summarizes your progress, and explains what you will need to do to complete your declared degree program.

Other Credit Earning Options

There are a variety of ways to transfer credit and apply towards your degree. Credit for nontraditional learning (Advanced Placement - AP, International Baccalaureate - IB, College Level Examination Program - CLEP, military schools, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support - DANTES/DSST Credit Award) will be accepted based on our policies.

Holistic Review

Applicants are reviewed on multiple factors for admission.

What we review:

  • All College transcripts
  • Life experiences, responsibilities, commitments and engagement in activities
  • Answer to your application question(s)
    • Why did you select your major/program and how will this help you meet your personal goals?
    • Tell us about your professional (employment), academic achievements, and any volunteer work you have participated in that reflects your organization and leadership experiences.
    • Optional: If your academic record does not accurately reflect your efforts and ability, please explain here. How would you plan to be academically successful at U of M Crookston?

More about Holistic Admissions

Agreements w/ 2-year schools

Find your school

An transfer agreement is a formal arrangement to transfer a defined set of academic credits between an academic program of one institution, most often a two-year post-secondary institution, to a program within a college or campus of the University of Minnesota system to fulfill general education or program requirements.

Benefits of a transfer agreement:

  • Cost savings on tuition, fees, room and board
  • Reduce chances of retaking the same coursework
  • Move quickly from an Associate's degree to a Bachelor's degree at U of M Crookston

U of M Crookston Transfer Agreements

Scholarships and Aid

Scholarships for Transfer Students

Achievement Scholarships are awarded to incoming transfer on-campus students who exhibit academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, demonstrated leadership, and commitment to their communities in their admission application. Transfer scholarships range between $1000-$2000 per year and are awarded for up to three years.

More Scholarships & Aid Available

On-Campus Living

There are two apartment-style living on campus specifically for upperclassman.

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