UR leads the efforts on a number of campus publications


Torch Magazine Cover

The Torch

The Torch is the official magazine of the University of Minnesota Crookston. The Torch is published once a year and is the official publication for all alumni and friends of the U of M Crookston. The Torch includes an annual report that also features our donor appreciation list.

The Torch

Torch editor: Jess Bengtson

Torchlight eNewsletter cover

Torchlight e-Newsletter

The Torchlight is a companion publication of the Torch for alumni and friends of U of M Crookston. It includes faculty, staff, student and alumni spotlights, upcoming events, athletics updates, plus much more!


Torchlight lead: Angelika Huglen

Alumni: What's Your Story? and/or we want your Then & Now Photos!




Upcoming Activities and Events Weekly Sample Email to Students

Upcoming Activities & Events

Upcoming Activities & Events is a weekly email during the school year to students with special messages and announcements, plus upcoming events and activities.

Activities & Events editor: Jess Bengtson

Sample Campus Weekly Update e-Newsletter Cover with Roger D. Moe, Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause, Amy Klobuchar during the Library Dedication

Campus Weekly Update

The Crookston Campus Weekly Update is an internal e-newsletter highlighting administrative activities and programs on campus.

Campus Weekly Update editor: Jess Bengtson

UMC Today Daily Email Sample

UMC Today

UMC Today is a daily email during the school year to faculty and staff with special messages and announcements, plus events and activities happening that day.

UMC Today leads: Jess Bengtson & Chris Winjum