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What is PSEO?
The Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state program that gives students who are capable of working at the post-secondary level an opportunity to receive post-secondary credits while completing high school graduation requirements. This is an option for students to enrich the education they are currently receiving at their local public school, private school, alternative area learning center or home school environment.

Who is eligible?
An 11th or 12th grade student enrolled in a Minnesota public, nonpublic, home school or American Indian-controlled tribal contract or grant school eligible for aid under section 124D.83, except a foreign exchange student enrolled in a district under a cultural exchange program. **Students should have at least a 2.75 grade point average and have at least one available hour in their high school schedule.

What courses can I take?
Access to any 1000 or 2000 level courses.

Will my credits transfer?
Courses often transfer; check with individual college.

Tuition and textbooks covered by the State of Minnesota.

Map of Minnesota showing where all the system campuses are located - Crookston (northwest corner), Duluth (northeast corner), Morris (west central), Twin Cities (east central), and Rochester (south east).
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  • On-campus and Online PSEO Students

    • October 1, 2024 - Spring 2025 Application Opens
    • March 3, 2025 - Fall 2025 Application Opens
  • Additional Information

    • All materials must be received at least 2 weeks before the term begins.
    • Students must notify their local district by
      May 30th each year of their intent to enroll
      in postsecondary courses during the following school year.
      You may still apply for PSEO admission to U of M Crookston after this date.
    • It is important to note that if you do not notify your school district by May 30th, the district
      has the right to deny your request which would make you responsible for covering
      the cost of tuition and fees to the college or institution in which you plan to enroll.

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Assemble Additional Documents
  1. Official high school transcript
  2. Post-Secondary Notice of Student Registration (2024-2025) revised form (PDF)
    • Complete and sign section 1 (a parent/guardian signature is required if you're under 18)
    • Your high school counselor completes and signs section 2
  3. PSEO Advisement Sheet (PDF)
    • Your high school counselor completes and signs this U of M Crookston - specific balance sheet form
  4. Other College Coursework Transcripts (if applicable)
    • Submit official transcripts if you took college credits which were taught outside your high school through a college or university (e.g., PSEO coursework during your junior year)
    • Required even if grades are in progress
    • Not needed for University of Minnesota Crookston credits (e.g. College in the High School [CIHS])
Submit Your Materials
  • Official transcripts should be sent electronically directly from the high school, or mailed in a sealed envelope.
  • Documents can be submitted electronically to umcpseo@umn.edu (preferred*), or mailed to: Michelle Beeghly at 208 Selvig Hall, 2900 University Ave. Crookston, MN 56716.

*There may be some delay in processing mailed items, so we recommend submitting your documents electronically if possible.



New PSEO students and U of M Crookston advising questions, contact:

Michelle Beeghly - umcpseo@umn.edu or 218-281-8256

Frequently Asked Questions for PSEO Students

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(218) 281-8569

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