Sports Center

Aerial view of the Sports Center

The UMN Crookston Sports Center is home to Lysaker Gymnasium as well as the Golden Eagle Athletics Department and its offices. The indoor complex includes three full-sized basketball/volleyball courts, team fitness center, training room, and varsity locker rooms. The Lysaker Gym serves UMN Crookston's varsity teams, as well as local and regional volleyball and basketball tournaments, and other campus events. Seating in the gym is approximately 2,200.

Golf Performance Center
Golden Eagle Volleyball
Home to Golden Eagle men's and women's basketball on Gary Senske Court
Home of Golden Eagle Fans and Regal the Eagle
Commencement is held annually in Lysaker Gymnasium
Sports Center highlighted in pink on the campus map

Location on Campus
The Sports Center's primary location is in the center of the University of Minnesota Crookston campus, east of the Wellness Center, south of the Campus Mall, and north of Skyberg Hall

Sports Center
2900 University Ave, Crookston MN 56716

Points of Interest

  • Team Fitness Center

  • Training Room

  • Varsity Locker Rooms

  • Golden Eagle Sculpture (outside south door)

  • Staff and Coaches Offices

  • Classrooms

Building History

Lysaker Gymnasium

Herschel Lysaker
Herschel Lysaker

Lysaker Gymnasium, built in 1981, was named for former athletic director, Herschel "Hersch" Lysaker. Lysaker served as University of Minnesota Crookston's (UMN Crookston) athletic director from 1966-1976. Hersch received the UMN Crookston Torch and Shield Service Award in 1975 for his outstanding contribution to the college community. In 1977 he was inducted into the Minnesota Football Hall of Fame. Lysaker began his work for the campus in 1944, when he joined the staff of the NWSA as athletic director and home projects supervisor. He spent a total of 44 years in education, including his previous service at high schools in Adams, ND, Northwood, ND, Warren, MN, and Crookston.

Knutson Hall

Oscar Knutson
Oscar R. Knutson

(Former) Knutson Hall was named in honor of Oscar R. Knutson, a 1919 Northwest School of Agriculture (NWSA) graduate who was appointed Chief Justice of the Minnesota State Supreme Court in 1962. It was built in 1930. It includes a gymnasium, locker room space, and the campus team fitness center.

Physical education outdoor complex, located south of the south entrance road, was completed in 1981 as part of the UMN Crookston Sports Complex. It includes an outdoor all-weather track, varsity football field, varsity baseball field, varsity softball field, and numerous intramural fields. In 1997 the track and football field were renovated, and new bleachers were constructed. The effort was a cooperative one in partnership with the Crookston School District, which now also uses the track and field.

Golden Eagle Sculpture

Golden Eagle Sculpture found outside the south doors of the Sports Center
Golden Eagle Sculpture

The UMN Crookston Golden Eagle sculpture, located near the north entrance of the UMN Crookston Sports Center, was created by architectural sculptor Richard Arfsten of Burlington, Wisconsin, in 2001. He was commissioned to do the piece by UMN Crookston when the campus received a grant from the Arts Council of the Northwest Regional Development Commission, funded by the Minnesota State Legislature. This grant for public art was provided because UMN Crookston's Sport Center is the host site for many regional and community athletic tournaments and other events.

Al Westburg
Al Westburg

The UMN Crookston Student Association played a major role in planning for the sculpture and in transporting it to campus, and UMN Crookston's Facilities Management Department installed it on October 30, 2001. The late Al Westburg suggested the concept of a golden eagle sculpture in 1996, when UMN Crookston officially adopted the golden eagle as its new mascot. Westburg was an avid supporter of UMN Crookston athletics, and served as an assistant basketball coach on campus.

A plaque nearby states:

The Golden Eagle
Dedicated to the enterprising spirit of all UMC students and to Al Westburg, friend of UMC, who inspired this project and the Crookston athletic community.

Dedicated May 11, 2002
Artist: Richard Arfsten, Burlington, Wisconsin
Made possible by a grant from the Northwest Regional Development Commission through funding from the Minnesota State Legislature