About Senior Leadership

The Senior Leadership Team is compromised of academic department heads, departmental directors and other campus leaders.  

Meetings: Monthly

Name Title
Mary Holz-Clause Chancellor
Kara Bowen Lecturer and Department Chair of Business Department
Jess Bengtson Communication Specialist
Brandy Chaffee Director of University and Alumni Relations
Michelle Christopherson Director of Outreach and Engagement
Sue Erickson Director of Institutional Engagement and Interim Director of Admissions
Christopher Ehrhart Director Multicultural Education
Sam Gruenberg Department Head Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
Stephanie Helgeson Director of Athletics
Jacob Isaacs Director of the Student Success Center
Rosemary Johnsen Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Tony Kern Professor and Unit Head of MST and AgNatR
Emily Kveno Director of Human Resources
John Loegering Department Chair Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ryan Moe Director of Facilities and Operations
Kayla Pahlen Director of Financial Aid
Tricia Sanders Director of Finance
Teresa Spaeth Chair of the Veden Center, Interim Director of AmeriCorps Seniors
Jeff Sperling Director of Technology Support Services
Sharon Stewart Department Chair Math, Science and Technology
Sok Leng Tan Director of Global Programs
Jason Tangquist Registrar
Kristie Walker Associate Professor and Department Chair of AgNatR
Chris Winjum Assistant to the Chancellor