A weekly open block for various meetings and events

No classes have been scheduled for the block of time from 12-2 p.m. each Thursday. This was done to provide an open time that allows the scheduling of a variety of campus meetings, events, or presentations and to encourage greater participation by students, staff, and faculty. The 12-2 p.m. time on Thursdays was chosen because it appeared to have the smallest impact on class schedules. The period has come to be known as "Thursday Commons."

There are some regular meetings that will have a set time. For example, academic departments will meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month during this time. The Chancellor’s Office will schedule meetings on the third Thursday of the month. The purpose of this time period is to schedule meetings of campus-wide interest; i.e., open forums, campus assembly. The first and, when it occurs, fifth Thursday will be used for special events or meetings. The Chancellor’s Office will coordinate requests for scheduling those time periods. Those two time periods need not be open to all campus audiences and may be used for staff training, meetings of organizations, or for discussions relating to issues in higher education.


We ask for your support and cooperation in maximizing this time period. The intention is to build a stronger campus community by improving communication, engaging faculty and staff in important issues, providing opportunities for training, and conducting campus business.

2023-2024 Thursday Commons Schedule

Sept. 7, 2023Student Involvement Expo (Brooke Novak)
Sept. 21, 2023Imagine Crookston's Future - Campus Strategic Planning Update (Mary Holz-Clause)
Oct. 5, 2023Career & Internship Fair (Nan Thurston)
Oct. 19, 2023OPEN DATE
Nov. 2, 2023Bemidji State University Music Faculty Concert (George French)
Nov. 16, 2023Temple Grandin Event (tentative)
Nov. 30, 2023Campus Assembly (Mary Holz-Clause)
Dec. 7, 2023OPEN DATE
Jan. 18, 2024OPEN DATE
Feb. 1, 2024OPEN DATE
Feb. 15, 2024OPEN DATE
Feb. 29, 2024OPEN DATE
Mar. 21, 2024Campus Assembly (Mary Holz-Clause)
Apr. 4, 2024Faculty and Student Research Showcase (Venu Mukku)
Apr. 18, 2024Earth Day Event (Katy Chapman)