Escape your stress!

216 Kiehle Building
Open Monday-Friday
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
for faculty, staff and students

This is a quiet space you can relax, contemplate and reconnect with your inner self. Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, meditation, prayer, or simply to be quiet; a place where small groups can connect and gather together, and a place that will bring about a spirit of reverence, peace and harmony to oneself.

Amenities include: guest / sign-in book, meditation cushions, yoga mats, reading lounge chairs, coloring pages and colored pencils, writing paper and pens, printed meditation techniques, soothing indoor water fountain, CD player with meditation music.

Questions: Nan Widseth, Health Services Director,

Serenity Room view from the doorway
Serenity Room door sign
Serenity Room view from southwest corner
Serenity Room yoga mats
Serenity Room view from the northwest corner
Serenity Room meditation table and stress relief and self-care cards