UMN Crookston Emergency Notification Methods

The safety and security of the University community are among our top priorities. The University has up-to-date emergency plans to effectively and quickly respond to life, health and safety threats. In the event of an emergency you will be given clear information and directions to protect your life, health and safety. Redundant emergency notification will be communicated via:

SAFE-U Alerts

This text messaging feature allows the campus community to receive emergency notifications from UMN Crookston on their cell phones. Students, as well as faculty and staff are encouraged to go to the SAFE-U website and choose SAFE-U Text Notifications to update their information, especially cell phone numbers for this service. Please note that you can sign-up one additional person (i.e. parent, spouse) to also receive notified or you can opt-out of the system.

Learn more about SAFE-U

UMN Crookston Website

The University of Minnesota Crookston website will display a banner with emergency notifications.

Tone Alert Radios

Twenty-five (25) tone/audio emergency broadcasting radios are strategically located around camps to alert key individuals who then activate appropriate emergency action plans, as needed.

Emergency Tone & Audio Siren

This exterior siren (high pitch tone alert) and Digital Voice Message or Live Message is used to notify the campus community of an impending emergency. The campus community should seek more details from the above sources and/or University officials providing additional information.

UMN Crookston E-mail Messages

This electronic means of communication will be sent to campus Official (students and employees) and Faculty/Staff distribution lists. Initial notification as well as follow-up messages will be sent regarding any emergency situation or official University communications.

Digital Signage (EGG & SSC with 8 new locations)

UMN Crookston has installed LCD monitors throughout high traffic areas within buildings and dining services to help communicate campus programs and activities. This system will also be utilized to pass along details of any current health or safety/emergency issues.

Voice Message on Campus Switchboard

Messages will be left on campus telephones and automated attendant at 218-281-6510 (x-6510 from a campus phone)

KROX Radio

This local radio station (AM 1260) works collaboratively with UMN Crookston to help notify the University and community of local conditions.

Crookston Campus Emergency Closing Policies and Procedures

School cancellation and delayed openings due to inclement weather will be communicated to the UMN Crookston community via SAFE-U, UMN Crookston Website, UMN Crookston E-mail Blast, KROX Radio (AM 1260) and television stations WDAZ (Channel 8) and KVLY (Channel 11). More details can be found at UMN Crookston Campus Emergency Closing Policies and Procedures