Helping Academically At-Risk Students

Academic Care Team

The purpose of the Academic Care Team is to provide additional communication and support for students who are academically at-risk. We value the individual academic support that instructors, advisors, mentors, staff, and peers provide to students and we encourage these people to continue working individually with students. If faculty, staff, or students would like additional follow-up on a student’s academic concerns or feels as though the student is academically at-risk, they can use this form to refer a student or they can refer the student via phone, email, or in person. The academic concerns may be related to:

  • poor academic performance,
  • a decline in grades,
  • attendance concerns,
  • potential undiagnosed disability,
  • academic dishonesty prevention, and/or
  • a desire to connect a student with academic resources (tutoring, Writing Center, organization/time management, peer mentor, academic coaching, etc.)

Academic Care Team referrals are sent to the Student Success Center and addressed by UMN Crookston’s Academic Care Team. The Academic Care Team will gather information from instructors, advisor(s), and other related individuals or departments, and then come up with a reasonable follow-up or course of action to connect the student with appropriate resources and, if necessary, provide additional academic interventions. The Academic Care Team is chaired and led by the Student Success Center, with representatives from the following departments: Student Affairs; Disability Resource Center; Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education; Business; Math, Science, and Technology; and Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Academic Care Team Referral

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Wellness Care Team

If your concern is related to student health, wellbeing, or behavior, your concern may be more suited for the Wellness Care Team. 

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