Helping Students Become Independent Learners

The UMN Crookston Tutoring Center focuses on helping students become independent learners. Students will request a tutor and submit their weekly schedule, using the Request a Tutor button. The Tutoring Center will find an available tutor for the student to meet with on a regular basis. In some cases, it may take a few days to be matched with a tutor, depending on course and student/tutor availability. Once you are paired with your peer tutor, students generally meet regularly for the remainder of the semester. Sessions are usually 45 minutes to one hour long. Students get the most of their sessions by coming prepared with questions they've encountered working through course material.

UMN Crookston's Tutoring Center falls under the Student Success Center.


University of Minnesota Crookston
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    Josh Parrill
    Asst. Dir. of Student Success
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    Asst. Dir. of Student Success