Do I qualify to receive a laptop?

Laptop computers are issued at the beginning of each semester to new and returning on-campus, degree seeking students. Students must have a minimum of six (6) on-campus credits to qualify for a UMN Crookston issued laptop computer. An exception may be granted for traditional on-campus students who temporarily transition to online only status to complete degree requirements (see below).

Laptops computers are issued at the UMN Crookston Computer Help Desk - 131 Kiehle Building.

Also see: Campus Laptop Program: Issuance and Return Policy


Exception for traditional on-campus students who transition to Online only status for a short period and wish to continue using a UMN Crookston issued laptop computer.

UMN Crookston on-campus students who decide to complete their UMN Crookston education online for a short period (i.e. one semester), may request to temporarily use a UMN Crookston issued laptop. These requests are reviewed on case-by-case basis and must be approved by the UMN Crookston Help Desk manager and/or IT Director. If the request is approved, the student’s account will be assessed the student technology fees, the laptop will be reimaged with the factory load (i.e. operating system), the student may download the University provided Microsoft Office, and the student is required to sign a condition of use agreement outlining student responsibility.

Conditions of Use Agreement

  • There may be incidents where UMN Crookston Help Desk can provide telephone support (i.e. password reset or virus scan); however, in many situations, advanced support will need to be handled directly through the UMN Crookston Help Desk to ensure the factory warranty is not voided. This could include the following scenarios; a broken screen, failed hard drive, failed system board, failed battery, will not boot, liquid spills on keyboard, Bitlocker key issues, etc.
  • For situations requiring advanced support, the student will be responsible for getting the laptop to the UMN Crookston Help Desk. The student can either mail the laptop through normal courier services (must have appropriate packaging, tracking and insurance) or having the computer dropped off during regular Help Desk business hours.
  • In most cases advance service or repair will require a few days to complete. It is unlikely we can fix the issue on the spot or without ordering parts.
  • If the laptop was not reimaged with the factory load prior to the student leaving campus, the UMN Crookston Help Desk will reimage with the factory load before returning the repaired laptop to the student.
  • Laptop must be returned in the same condition as received by the last Friday of the semester (please see Return of Laptop Computers sections).