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In-Person Counseling

On-Campus Options

Let's meet face-to-face or virtually with your on-campus provider! Here are your options:

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Jodi Ramberg     Christen Schoenborn

Community Options

  • Alluma
    603 Bruce Street, Crookston, MN


Virtual Counseling

U of M Crookston Virtual Options

Counseling Services appointments via Zoom for currently enrolled students.  Students must be located in Minnesota or North Dakota at the time of the session for mental health counseling due to licensing requirements.  Psychiatric Care is not offered virtually at this time. 

Students who would like support for their practical needs, such as financial insecurity, stressful life events or circumstances, physical health concerns, and more may benefit from connecting with our U of M Crookston Case Manager (regardless of location).  Email for more information.  

Meet the Campus Providers...

Jodi Ramberg     Christen Schoenborn

About Confidential Services

Confidentiality is #1

The confidentiality of students in counseling is essential and is addressed right away with your provider. 

Counseling Services follows laws and ethics limiting what information can and cannot be shared outside of our center.  No information can be shared about you outside of Counseling Services unless we have your written permission with a few exceptions.  The following are the primary exceptions to be aware of:  

  • If someone appears to be planning harm to himself/herself, harm to others;
  • If we are to become aware of children or dependent adults who are being abused.

In such situations, the counselor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals with the assistance they need.  

Counseling Services is exempt from University requirements for mandated reporting for sexual harassment or harassment based on race, sexual orientation, or religion.  Thus, we are a confidential space to explore these issues.  Counseling services can assist students with reporting an incident if the student decides to and grants permission.

If you and/or your counselor decide you would benefit from longer-term psychotherapy or other specialized services we do not offer, we will suggest alternative resources for you.  Students who have concerns that require longer-term counseling and those with chronic mental illnesses are served in the capacity deemed appropriate.

If you are referred to a community-based mental health provider, we will facilitate releases of information so that Counseling Services and your provider can share relevant treatment information and coordinate care planning. In order to share information with UMC entities, we will facilitate releases if and when necessary. We cannot share your information with anyone without your written consent, except in the cases identified above.

Scope of Services

Counseling Services Provides

Brief (time-time limited), goal-oriented mental health counseling for currently enrolled U of M Crookston students for personal, crisis, and developmental counseling services.   Counseling Services also provides virtual, confidential consultation and referrals for student assistance to community-based mental health providers.    

Counseling Services DOES NOT Provide

Counseling Services strives to provide support for as many students’ mental health needs as possible. However, we are not able to provide some specialized services, resource-intensive programs, services beyond the scope of Counseling Services mission, or those which pose a conflict of interest.  As such, we do not provide:

  • Counseling Services to students located outside of Minnesota or North Dakota at the time of the session
  • Services to incoming first-year students prior to Orientation, students who have graduated, or alumni
  • Clinical services to staff or faculty
  • Long-term counseling
  • Assessment or documentation for service or emotional support animals (visit Disability Resource Center)
  • Testing for learning disabilities or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Forensic evaluations
  • Neuropsychological evaluations
  • Intensive substance abuse treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Treatment that is required by court or probation or recommended by an attorney in relation to a legal case
  • Services to students who are not medically stable or require intensive medical treatment
  • Mediation for on-campus proceedings

Although we do not provide these services, we will assist students in accessing these resources off-campus. If you would like assistance in finding resources to meet your needs, please connect with our providers at or stop in during our Let's Talk drop-in times