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Learn to Live, the mental health resource available to UMN Crookston students, offers online programs and tools that can help you improve your mental health by decreasing your anxiety, worry, and depression. These programs are confidential, available at no cost, and completed at your own pace.

  • To get started, take a short assessment that gives you personalized results and recommendations.
  • Or, enroll directly into a program that helps you live better with stress, depression, or social anxiety.
Learn to Live Programs - Social Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Worry and Insomnia

Learn to Live complements other mental health services available to you, such as UMC Counseling Services, 218-281-8571 and/or 218-281-8348, or Alluma, 218-281-3940.

Help is just a click away. Visit Learn to Live and enter code UMN for access. Drop anxiety, worry, and depression from your course load today!

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