Download the Syllabus Template Form

The University of Minnesota, like most institutions, has certain policies governing the content of the syllabus. You can access these policies from the Syllabus Template form. Specific verbiage concerning accommodations for students with disabilities is included in the template file, as the content on the websites is specific to the Twin Cities campus.

Syllabus Template Form

Characteristics of U of M Crookston's Programs of Study

When developing your classes and syllabi, please keep in mind U of M Crookston’s Core Competencies. The core competencies contain the student learning outcomes which are part of every program at U of M Crookston. You’ll also see them referenced in the syllabus template.

Core Competencies

Mid-Term Notifications

You are also encouraged to keep in mind some of U of M Crookston’s practices regarding mid-term notifications and grading. Mid-term notifications are U of M Crookston’s way of informing students of their progress in classes, and provide a mechanism for intervention for students who are struggling. You are required to file reports for all your students in 1000-level courses at mid-term, even those who are doing A-level work. Therefore, it is helpful if you include some sort of graded activity during the first weeks of class so that you have information on your students’ progress for the mid-term report.

Upload your Syllabus to our Course Syllabus Manager

Completed syllabi should be uploaded to the Course Syllabus Management System. You can access the system here: Course Syllabus Management System (CSMS). Go to “Syllabus Viewer”. Look up your class, and you will see “View Document” and “Edit” links. Click on “Edit”, which will enable you to upload a .pdf document. If you have questions about composing your syllabi, don’t hesitate to contact your department head.

Upload Your Syllabus to CSMS