Welcome New Faculty!

Horticulture faculty doing a plant demonstration

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Crookston! We are proud to have you join our community of scholars, and are excited about the knowledge and energy you bring to our campus.

This website is part of our New Faculty Onboarding program, designed to help you become acquainted with our campus and our culture, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of policy, procedure and everyday responsibilities. By introducing various topics in different ways and throughout your first year here, we hope to avoid the stress of information overload and give you the time to absorb the information you’ll need to excel at your job.

To get you started, we’ve put together information (mostly in the form of helpful links and websites) that you can peruse at your convenience in the weeks prior to your arrival on campus. You may want to bookmark some of these websites for future reference, but you are always able to return to this website and access the information.

Throughout the semester, you’ll have the opportunity to meet regularly with your department head and your faculty mentor, and to participate in large-group brown bag sessions covering a variety of topics such as academic advising, teaching tips and pedagogy, assessment, research, tenure/promotion, annual accomplishments and more.

The Academic Affairs office is always at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us if you need assistance or have questions. We look forward to having you on campus!

Learn more about...

  • Drafting Your Syllabi
    The University of Minnesota, like most institutions, has certain policies governing the content of the syllabus.  
  • Promotion and Tenure
    Tenure-track faculty are encouraged to review the policies and procedures [link here] leading to tenure and promotion.
  • Academic Advising
    UMN Crookston places a high priority on quality academic advising.  Most advising is done by the faculty, supplemented by professional advising staff in certain program areas.
  • Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS)
    ATSS improves academic initiatives through a multi-faceted exploratory process that solicits feedback from all stakeholders. Their goal is to assist faculty and students with services and projects that continually improve the quality of academic programs at UMC.
  • Advancing Scholarship
    The Student Success Center partners with faculty to advance scholarship in all fields, and to promote a community of scholars.
  • Acronyms, Secret Passwords, and Translations
    We wouldn't be a university if we didn't have hundreds of acronyms.  Here's a guide to help you translate. 
  • Office Door Templates
    University Relations provides templates for office door information and office hours.