Grading, Incompletes, Probation and Mid-Term Notifications

Grading A-F, N

The University has two grading systems: A-B-C-D-F, with pluses and minuses, and S-N (Satisfactory, or No Credit). Students may receive grades ONLY from the grading system under which they have registered for a course. 

When both grading systems are available, students must choose one when registering for the course. Students may NOT change their grading option after the second week of class. Grades of C– or better are considered passing grades; a grade lower than C– will be awarded an N (No Credit).


A grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be granted under extraordinary circumstances that prevent a student from completing the course on time. The student and instructor must complete the Incomplete Grade Contract.

Students will have until three days (72 hours) prior to the student’s last final exam during the student’s next term of enrollment to complete the course requirements, at which time the completed Agreement form will be submitted to the department office. Failure to complete the requirements on time will result in a grade of F, or N if applicable.

Mid-term Notifications

Faculty are strongly encouraged to file mid-term notification of grades for their students, particularly for 1000-level classes. Students can access their notifications through their MyU > Academics (on the left side—click the “Grades” tab on top). Faculty advisers can access their advisees’ notifications through APLUS.