Many tools and resources at your fingertips


Several online systems are available to you to assist with advising students. APLUS can give you a student’s academic record, current enrollment, GPA, contact information, suppression of information if applicable, and a whole host of other information. Mid-term notifications are recorded in APLUS, as well as financial aid eligibility, probation status, whether a student is also an athlete, pre-enrollment test scores such as the ACT, and previous institutions a student may have attended.

APLUS will also give you the capability of making advising notes on a student, recording any contacts you have initiated with the student, and noting a reason for withdrawal if applicable. Take the time to explore all the capabilities of APLUS—you’ll find it a very powerful tool.


Students can use APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) to check on their own progress to degree. These reports will show students what requirements have been met, and what remains to graduate. The system will audit a major, a minor, liberal education requirements, upper-division requirements, and total credit requirements. Students who have transferred in credits from another institution should check their reports for appropriate course substitutions in the event they need to petition a given requirement. 

Class Schedule and Registration

The class schedule and registration is handled through MyU > Academics > Register (Shopping Cart), another powerful tool that can check for open sections of classes, search for classes being held at a particular time/day, create waitlists for highly-subscribed classes, and indicate any “holds” that may affect a student’s ability to register. PeopleSoft will also generate unofficial transcripts if a student needs one. You’ll enter your grades into PeopleSoft and view your class rosters through it.