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Applied Studies

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Build a personalized degree with our Applied Studies program.

Build a degree to fit your needs. Using your transfer credits and interest areas, this program provides the flexibility of developing a bachelor's degree designed for you and by you. When educational objectives exceed those of traditional degree programs, take your professional experiences and customize a path specific to you and your goals.

Applied Studies is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

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Ethan Christopherson

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    Earn your University of Minnesota Degree
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    Transfer Friendly
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    Build Your Own Degree
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    Flexible to meet your needs

Major in the making of you

Define your personal, career, and educational goals.

Are there admission requirements for this degree?

Students must have completed 60 credits to be eligible for the Applied Studies degree.

How do I build my own degree program?

Students complete at least two areas of study, with at least one area having an occupational direction. Technical courses taken at a technical college may be used to complete one area of study. All courses must be selected in consultation with an advisor.


Applied Studies


  • Complete a tailored course of study that builds on your education and experience.

  • Convenient for those with a certificate, diploma, or associate degree.

  • Meets individual needs whose educational objectives cannot be met through traditional degree programs.

  • Individually custom-built program of study 

  • Transfer students into Applied Studies have found that most of their previous technical or community college credits were accepted into their degree program.

  • Experienced faculty advisors are able to help you map out the shortest legitimate route to a bachelor of science degree.


At the U of M Crookston, you won’t spend all your time behind a desk. Our curriculum is designed around experiential learning, which means we want you to have as much hands-on learning as possible. Depending on your major, you’ll find opportunities to be in the field, the lab, the classroom, or engaging in simulated scenarios that give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce or head to grad school. You’ll learn the concepts and then actively apply them through projects, field trips, site visits, internships, and interactions with professionals in the field.

Meet your future professors

  • Sharon Stewart

    Associate Professor