Catalyze, Convene and Co-Create a Vibrant Rural Future

Field of sunflowers with a blue sky

Rural communities everywhere are discovering new potential and learning new ways to thrive. Possibilities are constantly emerging.  The Veden Center will work with communities, businesses and rural citizens to explore aspirations and build a robust future that leveraged the full promise of rural communities and its citizens.  Check the Veden site often for new ideas and inspiration!

Urban and Rural Bridges

People shaking hands in a wheat field

Rich soil, diversity in crops and innovative business spirit create exceptional business development prospects in the rural, Upper Midwest. New Americans in urban centers of the Upper Midwest with their powerful work ethic and unique diets create extraordinary business development prospects for warehousing and distribution. When these two communities come together, value-added production opportunities are front and center. Working in conjunction with economic and community development organizations as well as agricultural groups, the Veden Center is creating new growth opportunities and social capital for farmers, processors and a burgeoning urban middle class.

Veteran Business Acceleration

Military man in background with business man in the front

Veterans are a very innovative and entrepreneurial groups in the United States. Veterans are leaders as they are trained to execute responsibility, they are resourceful, manifest the ability to handle stressful situations, embrace diversity and inclusion, are self-directed and have a globalized view. These skills create a highly unique and innovative mindset that can be applied to accelerating business ideas, raising capital and commercializing intellectual property. The Veden Center for Veteran Business Acceleration provides veterans with end to end solutions for financing and deploying their business ideas at seed, startup and pre-revenue stages of growth.


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The United States continues to be among the most economically mobile in the world. Most notably, the Upper Midwest continues to lead the nation in economic mobility thereby making it one of the best places in the world to provide pathways for first generation college students, economically disadvantaged populations and New Americans. The Pathway Program at the Veden Center provides these groups with unique career insight, global business and community networking, and business growth and development opportunities.