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The Student Success Center (SSC) supports the holistic development of students as they navigate their college experience. By centering diversity, equity, and belonging, we prepare students to learn within a diverse world by engaging them around topics that are integral to their success and the land-grant mission of UMN Crookston.

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First-Year Eagles Peer Mentors

First-Year Eagles Peer Mentors

The First-Year Eagles Peer Mentorship Program is designed to assist incoming students in making a successful transition in and outside of the classroom. Highly qualified peer mentors will be placed in each FYE (First-Year Experience) class. Mentors will support first-year students in their academics, assist them in locating resources, and encourage them to become involved on-campus and take pride in being a Golden Eagle. Mentors have not only experienced their first year and all of the challenges that come with it, such as: feeling home sick, changing or developing study habits, and more, they will also go through peer mentorship training to be better prepared to support their mentees.

Peer mentors will:

  • Be a positive role model for their mentees and their peers.
  • Lead the way to academic and social success.
  • Provide encouragement, support, and advice. 

Peer Mentor Details and Application

Academic Care Team

Academic Care Team

Academic Care Team

The purpose of the Academic Care Team is to provide additional communication and support for students who are academically at-risk. We value the individual academic support that instructors, advisors, mentors, staff, and peers provide to students and we encourage these people to continue working individually with students. If faculty, staff, or students would like additional follow-up on a student’s academic concerns or feels as though the student is academically at-risk, they can use this form to refer a student or they can refer the student via phone, email, or in person. The academic concerns may be related to:

  • poor academic performance,
  • a decline in grades,
  • attendance concerns,
  • potential undiagnosed disability,
  • academic dishonesty prevention, and/or
  • a desire to connect a student with academic resources (tutoring, Writing Center, organization/time management, peer mentor, academic coaching, etc.)

Academic Care Team referrals are sent to the Student Success Center and addressed by UMN Crookston’s Academic Care Team. The Academic Care Team will gather information from instructors, advisor(s), and other related individuals or departments, and then come up with a reasonable follow-up or course of action to connect the student with appropriate resources and, if necessary, provide additional academic interventions. The Academic Care Team is chaired and led by the Student Success Center, with representatives from the following departments: Student Engagement and Wellness; Disability Resource Center; Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education; Business; Math, Science, and Technology; and Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Academic Care Team Referral

Wellness Care Team

If your concern is related to student health, wellbeing, or behavior, your concern may be more suited for the Wellness Care Team. The Wellness Care Team is a multi-departmental committee that addresses issues related to student health and wellbeing and how it affects behavior on campus. The committee counsels on student concerns and creates actionable plans to connect students with resources and counsel faculty/staff in handling student needs and behavior.

Wellness Care Team Referral

Student Learning Resources

Student Learning Resources

Tutor helping students

Student Resources

Helpful Websites

Study Skills

Resource Links

Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring

The UMC Library provides limited proctoring of make-up tests as a service to faculty. This service should not be used for students with testing accommodations due to documented disability – those tests are administered by the Disability Resource Center.

Learn more about test proctoring

Golden Eagle Academic Recovery (GEAR) Program

Golden Eagle Academic Recovery (GEAR) Program

Students who do not maintain good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better) are placed on academic probation and become a part of UMN Crookston’s Golden Eagle Academic Recovery (GEAR) program. While participating in GEAR, both on-campus and online students will be placed in a Canvas site to assist the student with their academic recovery. The Canvas site will prompt students participating in GEAR to complete the following expectations:

  • Enroll in 15 or fewer credits
  • Earn a 2.0 or better GPA for the semester
  • Develop and complete an individual Academic Action Plan (AAP) to earn a 2.0 or better throughout the semester. Part of the AAP will include the following steps:
    • Visit with the Student Success Center (SSC) by the end of the second week of the semester to discuss your plan of action
    • Visit with your advisor during Weeks 5-6 to check your progress and update your plan of action, if necessary
    • Check your grades at midterm on MyU to be sure you are on track. If your grades are not where you would like them to be, we highly encourage you to request an academic coaching session to make a plan for your academic recovery for the rest of the semester.
    • Visit with your advisor during Weeks 11-12 to check your progress and select classes for the next semester
    • Visit with the SSC for the final AAP meeting during the last 2 weeks of the semester

Specific due dates for each meeting will be listed on the AAP and in the Canvas site.

Students need to attain a term GPA of 2.0 during the semester they are in the GEAR program to avoid academic suspension. Students who do not complete an AAP, or follow the terms of their plan, may lose their right to appeal an academic suspension.

Meeting with a tutor is a normal part of being successful as a college student.
Request a tutor by clicking on the button below.

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Faculty: Don't Cancel Class

Faculty: Don't Cancel Class

Planning to head to a conference? Out of town for a family event? If you’re expecting to miss one or more of your classes this semester, consider a Don’t Cancel Class workshop! Alternatively, if one of our workshops fits well into your class curriculum, we're happy to visit your class for a workshop while you're there!

The Student Success Center offers a variety of workshops to engage your students. Our topics range from career preparation to academic success to diversity, and we would be happy to tailor them to the needs of your class!

Some workshops can be shortened and combined to cover a single class period or can be presented as a supplement to a regular class.

To request a workshop, fill out the form below. Please fill out your request at least two weeks in advance of the date of your absence.

Workshop Topics and Descriptions   Request a Workshop

Faculty Resources

Department Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty & Staff

SS Pro 3-Academic Advising, FYE Success Coach
270-C Owen Hall
(218) 281-8554
Dir. Student Success/Advising
270-F Owen Hall
(218) 281-8555
Academic Advisor, Head Coach - Women's Tennis
170-C Owen Hall
(218) 281-8429
Josh Parrill
Asst. Dir. of Student Success
270-E Owen Hall
(218) 281-8558
SS Pro 3-Academic Advising, Teaching Specialist
(218) 281-8386
SS Pro 3-Academic Advising
(218) 281-8179
Career Services Coordinator
270-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8557
Academic Advisor
270-I Owen Hall
(218) 281-8559


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