Check out these various study tips


  • Choose a quiet, uncluttered location
  • Have good lighting and ventilation
  • Sit in a moderately comfortable chair at a table
  • Get together all the materials you will need including paper, pencils, notes, textbooks


  • Set clear starting and stopping times
  • Think positively about what you can learn
  • Put personal problems on the shelf
  • Study on your own first, then talk over the material with other students
  • Schedule fixed block of times
  • Use waiting time, especially the blocks between classes

How to Study*

  • Boost your study skills
  • Learn efficient strategies for reading textbooks
  • Learn efficient note-taking skills
  • Learn how to review and prepare for tests effectively

Get Help from Campus Resources

  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor
  • Visit or call the Student Success Center
  • Visit or call the Counseling Center

*Contact the Student Success Center in Owen Hall, Room 270, to learn more.