Six Types of Test Taking Tips

Multiple choice questions

  1. Check the directions to see if the questions need more than one answer.
  2. Answer each question in your head first.
  3. Mark questions you can't answer immediately.
  4. Read all answers to multiple choice questions before selecting one.

True/False questions

  1. Answer true/false questions quickly.
  2. Read carefully. Sometimes one word can make a statement inaccurate.
  3. Look for qualifiers like all, most, sometimes, never, or rarely.

Machine-graded tests

  1. Make your mark corresponds to the question you are answering.
  2. Check the test booklet and the answer sheet when you switch sections.
  3. Watch for stray marks.

Open-book tests

  1. Write down any formulas you will need.
  2. Use tabs or paperclips on important pages.
  3. Number class notes and write a short table of contents.
  4. Open-book exams are almost always the most difficult tests.

Short-answer/Fill-in-the-blank questions

  1. Concentrate on key words and facts.
  2. Be brief.

Essay questions

  1. Find out what the question is asking-precisely.
  2. Before you write, make a quick outline.
  3. Get right to the point. Make your position clear.
  4. Expand your answer with solid supporting ideas and facts.