• Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause standing in the hallway on a sunny morning.
    Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause
    We encourage you to take an active role in your education and to learn as much as you can about the people and programs here. Opportunities for you to excel can be found at every turn.

Chancellor's Office

Here at the University of Minnesota Crookston, we take great pride in providing a world-class education in our friendly, close-knit campus setting. Our talented and supportive faculty members not only serve as teachers and facilitators, they also provide the kind of professional advising and mentorship that makes all the difference in your college experience. Our helpful and caring staff members play a huge role in student success. Personal attention and the University of Minnesota brand of excellence are hallmarks of our campus.

Perhaps you are still contemplating if higher education is right for you?

Consider this. Three quarters of the fastest-growing occupations need postsecondary education and 67 percent of all job openings now require more than a high school diploma.1 We encourage you to reap the personal benefits of a college education. Among them include:

  • Female student walking outside Dowell Hall with a smileA Bachelor’s degree is worth $2.8 million on average over a lifetime. 2
  • The earnings of U.S. workers with only a high school diploma earn 34 percent less than those with a bachelor’s degree.
  • College graduates not only earn more, they live longer.3
  • College graduates are twice as likely to vote, do voluntary work and give blood.
  • Workers without a college education are more likely to face unemployment.
  • The unemployment rate of those with only a high school diploma is nearly twice that of those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree. 4
  • There is no better safeguard against poverty than the attainment of a bachelor’s degree.5
  • Divorce rates for college graduates are plummeting, but the divorce rate for high school grads is now twice as high as that of college graduates.
  • High school grads are twice as likely to smoke as college graduates and much less likely to exercise.

Three students chatting outside on a fall day 

A Four Year Degree Monetary Benefits

Education attainment remains the most obvious contributor to the development of our human and knowledge capital. There is a clear relationship between growth in degree attainment and the prosperity of a region or a state. When an area does not develop its human capital infrastructure it cannot grow or attract high-value industries. If industries can’t find the talent pool they need, they will seek other locations. States with a high attainment of bachelor’s degrees, have a higher per capita output in their economies and thus are more prosperous communities.6

So if you are a prospective student, check us out. If you an alum come see us or drop me a line (mhclause@crk.umn.edu) about what you’ve been up to.

We welcome our alums, friends and neighbors to come to campus and enjoy some of our exciting activities.
Go Golden Eagles!

Chancellor Mary

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Budget and Finance

The chancellor and director of finance traditionally begin the budget planning process for the next fiscal year in November. 


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The chancellor and administration are committed to sustaining and growing the University of Minnesota Crookston.


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Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process involves planning, action, and evaluation that characterizes real-world, real-time strategy.


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The Chancellor’s Cabinet is made up of five key members of the campus community.


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Senior Leadership

The Senior Leadership Team is comprised of academic department heads, departmental directors and other campus leaders.


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College Advisory & Advancement Board

This board seeks to improve student and alumni success, and to enhance the campus’s partnerships as well as service to the community.


American Indian Advisory Council

The American Indian Advisory Council (AIAC) was established to work towards a mutually beneficial relationship among Native nations and the University of Minnesota Crookston.

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Campus Weekly Newsletter

The Crookston Campus Weekly highlights administrative activities and programs on campus and includes news from Chancellor Holz-Clause as well as featured events and activities from several departments.

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Thursday Commons

No classes have been scheduled for the block of time from 12-2 p.m. each Thursday, to provide an open time that allows the scheduling of a variety of campus meetings, events, or presentations and to encourage greater participation by students, staff, and faculty.

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Chancellor's Office

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