Sustainability Committee & Working Group Goals

Sustainability Committee's Charge

The University of Minnesota Crookston Sustainability Committee's charged with providing overall leadership for [sustainability] work, while at the same time encouraging broad participation from across the campus, community, and region. It is our responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by what we do, and how we do it. The success of our sustainability efforts depends on building broad based support.

The Committee is encouraged to:

  • Create an inventory of current campus initiatives
  • Identify energy conservation practices on campus
  • Identify strategies to reduce/reuse/recycle (RRR strategies)
  • Identify strategies to decrease the carbon footprint caused by transportation
  • Explore opportunities to increase the use of local foods and reduce food waste
  • Explore new program majors as well as integrate sustainability into the curriculum across the academic disciplines
  • Develop a communications plan to increase awareness of the work of the committee
  • Identify internal and external funding sources for those initiatives requiring funding

Current Initiatives

Center for Sustainability Four Corner Garden
Center for Sustainability Fill it Forward
Center for Sustainability Plastic Film Recycling
Center for Sustainability Bee Lawn
Center for Sustainability Battery Recycling
Center for Sustainability Cans for Cancer
Center for Sustainability Tree Mulching
Center for Sustainability Lamp Recycling