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Coca-Cola® Beverage Partnership Grant

Coca-Cola® Beverage Partnership Grant

Coca-Cola® Beverage Partnership Grant and University of Minnesota Crookston logo

The University of Minnesota/Coca-Cola partnership sets a new standard for collaboration between the education and business communities.

The partnership is designed to significantly and positively enhance existing and future University program objectives, as well as provide unprecedented financial support for these efforts.

Requests will need to fall under one of these initiatives to be considered for funding.

Campus Life InitiativesCommunity Initiatives
The Campus Life Initiative of the University of Minnesota Crookston in Partnership with Coca-Cola® was created to offer funding in support of student activities on campus. The purpose is to promote programs which provide students opportunities to enhance school pride and experience the benefits of the University community. These funds are to supplement support for activities, programs, publications, or special events that offer opportunities for students to broaden their educational development through co-curricular experiences at the University of Minnesota.The Community Initiative of the University of Minnesota Crookston in Partnership with Coca-Cola® was created to offer contributions in support of interaction between the campus and the community of Crookston and of greater Minnesota. The purpose is to promote programs, activities, publications, or special events which create opportunities for students to enhance their educational development through interaction and experiences with the community outside of the University.

Apply for funding

You may submit an application as early as you like. However, applications must be received in the Student Activities office at least TEN business days BEFORE the event in order to be considered. No funding requests will be considered for events that occurred prior to submission.

Coca-Cola® Beverage Partnership Grant Application 2023-2024 (Word)

Coca-Cola® Beverage Partnership & Initiatives Guidelines

If you have questions regarding these grants, please contact the Student Activities office.

Concerts and Lectures Grant

Concerts and Lectures Grant Requests

The Concerts and Lectures Committee provides small grants for partial funding of lectures, events, and activities that take place at the University of Minnesota Crookston. Events that are closed to the public, require an admission fee, or take place outside of campus will not be considered for funding. All submitted grant requests must have an intended audience consisting primarily of undergraduate students. The amount of money available for award varies on an annual basis. Grant amounts typically awarded have ranged from $200-$2,000 with the average award amount equaling less than $1,000.

Concerts And Lectures Funding Proposal Form

Concerts and Lectures Grant General Requirements