Get access to secured websites

If you are a former student or a graduate of the University of Minnesota, you may access the University's Request for Official Transcript system and other secured websites by activating your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password.

Graduates may also access the Handshake (formerly GoldPASS) jobs database.

Call to activate your Internet ID

To activate your University Internet ID and password, contact:

Technology Helpline

You will be asked to validate certain pieces of information when you call, including but not limited to your Social Security number, birth date, University ID number, and address at the time of your enrollment. Please have as much of this information as possible available before you call.

Once active, your account will remain active if you continue to access it every six months. Depending on when you were a student, it may take several days to re-activate your account.

University email account

In addition to secured online access, if you are a University graduate, you may also activate your University email account. You must specifically request this when you call 1-HELP to activate your Internet ID.