Post Office Information for Students

All students are assigned a UMN Crookston post office box number. Students should check their mailboxes daily.

Why do I need a on-campus mailbox?

All students must have a mailbox. All official college correspondence, including registration material, is mailed via the on-campus mailbox.

Are you a student that will be...

Graduating, transferring, or not returning
  • Stop by the UMN Crookston Post Office with your forwarding address.
  • Return your key to the Info desk for a return of your deposit.
  • The Post Office will forward mail for one month from date of notification.
  • If you have subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, please contact that company to have them forward your subscriptions to your new address.
  • Over the summer packages. Please use your new address when you are having packages or mail delivered to you. The Post Office will not cover the costs to have packages forwarded to you when you leave UMN Crookston.
Staying on-campus over the summer
  • Notify the UMN Crookston Post Office.
  • Your mail will be kept in your mailbox and you will receive an email to pick up your package at the Post Office. Please be aware summer building hours are limited to Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Returning in the fall
  • Packages cannot be kept in the UMN Crookston Post Office over the summer.
  • Returning students DO NOT return your key to the Information Desk.