Renew Library Items Online

Whether an item may be renewed or how many times an item may be renewed is dependent on the item. View our chart on checkout periods and the ability to renew.

To renew items, you can either do it yourself online or have a librarian assist you. To renew items yourself, go to the UMC Library Catalog. At the top right of the screen you will see Sign In. After you log in, using your University of Minnesota login and password, click on your name. To the left of your name, a link that reads "MY ACCOUNT" should appear. Click on that link, and the overview of your account should appear. To renew items, click on the "LOANS" tab.

Depending on the items you have checked out, you can either renew items individually or renew all. Items can also be renewed in person, over the phone (218-281-8398), or via e-mail Ashley Helgeson- To renew an item by email, please include the title and call number if it is a book and the magazine or journal name and the date, or volume and issue for a periodical.

To renew interlibrary loan material contact the Interlibrary Loan Office representative Ashley Helgeson- - 218-281-8398. The ability to renew interlibrary loan materials is dependent on the library that lends it to us.