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UMN Crookston provides opportunities for family members to be involved in their student's first year in college through various programs such as the Parent & Family Golden Eagle SOAR Experience (virtual class) and Parent & Family sessions during Welcome Weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we support the transition for all students?

Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

This is where it all begins! The office of Educational Programs and Transitions helps to support the virtual orientation and registration programs, which are a dynamic, student-centered experiences that inspire a purposeful transition into the Golden Eagle community. SOAR is the first step toward a successful graduation!

More about SOAR

Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend & Move-In

When you arrive with your student to the University of Minnesota Crookston in August, you will be eagerly greeted by our SOS (Student Orientation Staff)  Leaders to begin your next step, Move-In Day!. Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend takes place during the four days prior to the beginning of classes and builds upon SOAR for new students and their families once they have arrived on campus.

Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend, Transition Crookston and International Student Orientation are designed to assist new students with the transition to UMC by creating community, connecting new students to resources and helping new students learn what it means to be a Golden Eagle!  Students can look forward to engaging in exciting UMC traditions while learning more about involvement resources and getting engaged with their academic college. Parent and family members also have the opportunity to hear from key campus resources during the Welcome Home Session on Move-In Day.

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Golden Eagle Transition Programs

As your student begins the new semester, the support doesn’t end – there are a number of exciting programs designed to provide a support network, a sense of community, and academic and social mentoring.  These programs are ultimately designed to empower students to get to the second year and well on their path toward graduation.

What does my student's year look like?

Use this timeline to be prepared for what your student's year will entail! Click the various months for additional information.

November: Thanksgiving Break + Registration
December: Winter break - your student is coming home!
January: Ag Arama
March: Spring Break and Midterms
April: Apply for Internships
May: Commencement
Summer: Internships and Jobs

When is Family Weekend?

Visit our Family Weekend page for more details!

How do I stay connected to UMC and my student on social media?

  • Sign up for the Parent and Family listserv for email updates periodically throughout the year! Contact Brooke Novak to be added to the listserv.

Follow UMC's Official Social media pages: 

How can I ensure I have access to my student's account (paying bills, financial aid questions, etc.)?

How can I access information about the city of Crookston and the surrounding area?