U of M Crookston Academic Costume

Example of Academic Gown with Maroon Trim

Academic apparel is a commencement tradition at the University of Minnesota. The U of M Crookston Bookstore is your official campus graduation source. All candidates for graduation are responsible for securing the following items:

Candidates for bachelor's degrees wear:

  • the black bachelor's gown with maroon trim
  • the traditional mortarboard cap (black)
  • the appropriate tassel color

Tassel Colors

The mortarboard cap is traditionally black, but the tassel comes in various colors, each designed to signify the degree that the graduate has earned. The origin of these colors is centuries old, and, in the U.S., the colors have been standardized and accepted by the American Council on Education (ACE). At U of M Crookston, four tassels are offered corresponding to the academic department of the major the student completes. Undergraduate candidates wear the tassel on the right side of the cap until their degree is conferred when the tassel is moved to the left side. 

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources: Maize
  • Business: Drab
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education: White
  • Math, Science & Technology: Yellow-Gold (also known as "science gold")

Honor Cords and Additional Adornments

Starting with the 2018 commencement ceremonies, some adornments and enhancements to the traditional regalia have been approved by the Commencement Committee. In addition to the standard cap, gown, and tassel, the following are allowed for graduates:

  • Official University of Minnesota honor cords denoting graduation with Distinction and High Distinction (distributed through the Office of the Registrar).
  • Official honor cords denoting participation in the U of M Crookston Honors Program (distributed by the Honors Program).
  • Official University of Minnesota cords denoting participation in a U of M Crookston Student Club (distributed by the individual clubs)
  • Approved stoles for international students and students who have completed a study abroad experience (distributed through the Office of International Programs).
  • Approved honor cords signifying military service or veterans status (distributed by the Office of Alumni and Donor Relations). 
  • Approved stoles signifying a graduate’s cultural heritage (these are optional and available to purchase through the U of M Crookston Bookstore).
  • A chenille letter M worn on the grad’s left lapel area of the gown denoting participation in varsity athletics (distributed by Athletics and the Alumni and Donor Relations).
  • Lapel pins worn on the left lapel area of the gown or stoles or cords distributed by and representing officially recognized student organizations (note: these must be approved in advance by the Commencement Committee).
  • Other adornments graduates would like will be considered via a review and approval process by the Commencement Committee.
Group of UMN Crookston Graduates outside