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Work-study and On-Campus Jobs 

Work-study is an opportunity for on-campus employment. Most students find work-study to be a convenient way to earn money while going to school. If you are not eligible for work-study, you may find on-campus employment or off-campus employment that is not considered part of a financial aid package.

Select Local Jobs and Internships 

Employers looking for direct exposure to U of M Crookston Graduates and students seeking Off-Campus jobs and Internships. Short term Projects and Micro Internship Opportunities. 

Maroon and Gold Network Projects 

Projects are short-term, professional experiences, like a micro-internship. They can take place at any time, anywhere and typically last between 5-40 hours and are completed within one week to one month. The specific schedule will be determined between the Project poster and the Project recipient. Students or new graduates seeking a Project can explore different industries, gain new skills, and make important career connections. 

UMN Jobs 

We have career opportunities for recent graduates!

We are hiring - love our campus - start your career at the University of Minnesota


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