HSSE Department Assessment Process

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) structure (goal areas, distribution requirements, learner outcomes) is the framework for UMN Crookston’s liberal education foundation.

1. Establish schedule for department review and confirmation during department meetings.

  • Goal Area 1 Written and Oral Communication
  • Goal Area 5 History and the Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Goal Area 6 The Humanities (the Arts, Literature, and Philosophy)
  • Goal Area 7 Human Diversity
  • Goal Area 8 Global Perspectives
  • Goal Area 9 Ethical and Civic Responsibility

2. Faculty preparation for department review and confirmation:

  • Course description: use approved course description that is shown on UMN Crookston catalog. Curriculum form will be needed if course description needs to be changed or updated.
  • Course learning outcomes: if course learning outcomes are to meet MnTC, include MnTC goal area and learning outcomes at the end of each course learning outcome statement.
    • COMP 1011 Composition I
      • Course Learning Outcome: Compose a working thesis statement that clearly states a position and serves to focus the paper (Goal 1.5).
      • Course Learning Outcome: Choose sources that explore a balance of views and provide fair representation of opposing views to accomplish the writer’s plan (Goal 1.3).
    • SOC 1001 Intro to Sociology
      • Course Learning Outcome: Develop and employ an understanding of sociological inquiry including the use of theory, methods, and data to describe and interpret social phenomena (Goal 5.1, 5.3)
      • Course Learning Outcome: Describe the development of and the changing meanings of group identities in the United States’ history and culture (Goal 7.1).
  • To be considered a UMN Crookston Liberal Education course, a course must deliver more than 51% of the MnTC learner outcomes for particular goal area.
  • Conduct peer review within the discipline, program, peers from another discipline, or external review (if a faculty is the only faculty teaching in the discipline or program).

3. Department Review and Confirmation

  • Submit syllabus for department review and confirmation
  • Once confirmed by the department:
    • Faculty will update Liberal Education Course Review spreadsheet (i.e. update course learning outcomes)
    • Department Administrative Specialist will upload liberal education course syllabi to the Liberal Education Course Review Canvas site.
  • Department Chair would be responsible for ensuring revisions, if needed, are made by the end of spring semester.

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