Your Journey Starts with Signing-Up

Sign up at the Wellness Center front desk. Pay for check or cash in exact change. Payroll deduction will be allowed for Annual and Semester Memberships only. Please visit the Wellness Center front desk for the forms. 

Regal the Eagle doing a lat pull-down


Full-time Students(inc. w/student fee)(inc. with student fee)(inc. w/student feed)(inc. with student fee)
Non-fee paying and on-campus PSEO$85$60$170$30


FACULTY/STAFF *SemesterSummerAnnualMonth
Faculty/Staff Spouse or Adult Children (18 or older)$140$60$240$30

Also see: Faculty & Staff Reimbursement Program


ALUMNI **SemesterSummerAnnualMonth
Alumni Spouse or Adult Children (18 or older)$150$60$300$30

* Only spouses and children 18 years and younger of a faculty/staff member, or a child enrolled full time in college can use our facility.
** Only alumni from U of M Crookston can use our facility and NOT alumni from any of our other campuses, as well as, only Alumni Spouses and children 18 and under or currently enrolled full time at college.

Membership Dates

  • Fall = Fall Semester
  • Spring = Spring Semester
  • Summer = June 1 to the Start of Fall Semester
  • Year Membership = Only Fall & Spring Semester

Official Academic Calendars

Insurance Reimbursement

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under members options click first time enrollment
  3. Select your insurance company
  4. Enter group # from insurance card if under Medica
  5. Enter zip code of facility (56716)
  6. Click "Enroll Online" complete the necessary information
  7. Complete the blanks in the "Member Enrollment" and submit
  8. For the bar code field, pick any number you can remember
  9. Your work is done unless you have to update your profile in the future
  10. The Wellness Center will turn in your workout history each month for the reimbursement.

For questions, call 218-281-8800 or contact Zach Benson.