Telephone Services

The University of Minnesota Crookston owns and operates the Crookston campus telephone system (PBX) and is responsible for providing telephone services to the campus community.

UMC telephone services are centrally funded. Users are charged per extension and for long distance charges incurred.

To report a problem or request service, contact us today!

About UMC Telephone Services at UMC

About UMC Telephone Services at UMC

UMC Operates a Cisco IP Based Telephone System. IP phones reside on the campus LAN. Campus locations with analog phones are converted into IP at the nearest switch location. The campus WAN is used to avoid toll for metro area long distance calls. Local Qwest trunks carry outgoing local & other long distance traffic as well as incoming calls. Traffic will alternate to either the WAN or Qwest trunks in the event the other fails.

Services offered include Voicemail, Fax server, automated reporting, caller ID & more. For a list of phone features see most commonly used features.

Safety Features

  • 911
    • When 911 is called from any phone on campus the call is routed to the 911 emergency center in Crookston.
    • All 911 calls are immediately reported to campus security as they are made.
  • Caller ID in & outgoing
  • Power backup at the Call Manager hub & battery backup at many switch closets
  • Failover to redundant calling trunks

Efficiency advantages

  • Allows the campus to maintain a single telecommunications infrastructure. Computers & telephone share the same cable & switch infrastructure.
  • Automated billing & reporting
  • No toll for calls to Metro area codes
  • Browser based management of hardware & software

Reports Sent to Users

  • Call detail record sent to budget authority/supervisors monthly
  • 911 report sent to campus security monthly
  • Cross charge billing sent to the Business Office & budget authorities monthly
  • Other reports available on request

User Charges

Long Distance:

  • Intrastate: .06/minute
  • Interstate: .054/minute
  • Twin Cities Metro Area Area Codes: No charge

Per extension charge: $20/month

How To Use

How To Use

How to dial to on and off campus numbers

  • To reach an on campus extension: dial the 4 digit extension
  • Off campus local calls: 8-281-XXXX
  • Long Distance: 8-1-Area Code-7 Digit Number
  • 911 calls: Dial 911

Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact for service or report problems?
Contact our technician.

How do I call off campus?

  •  Local calls: Dial 8 then 7 digit local number (8-xxx-xzxxx)
  •  Long Distance: Dial 8, 1, area code, then 7 digit number (8-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx)

How do I access my voicemail?

See "Voicemail Brief" PDF File Icon

Can I access my voicemail from home or another phone?
Yes, see "Voicemail Brief" PDF File Icon

How does the voicemail-to-email work?

Phone Services has set up voicemail-to-email for campus phones. If you receive a voicemail, an email will be generated with a copy of the voicemail as an attachment. The email will be titled “Message from (caller id and number)”. The message will come from “Cisco Unity Messaging System.” Your office phone will still show a new message even if you listen to the email and you will need to continue to delete old voicemail messages just like you did before. If you do not delete old messages, your mailbox will become full and no new voicemail-to-email will be able to be created. If you have any questions, please email UMC Computer Help Desk ( and the ticket will be assigned to phone services.

How many parties can I join in a conference call?

Six parties can join in a conference call. See "Using Your Phone Brief" PDF File Icon

Can I forward my calls when I am out of the office?

Yes, see "Using Your Phone Brief" PDF File Icon

What do I do if my voicemail won’t let me in?

Call Service to unlock your password at 218-281-8499. You can also see "Voicemail Brief" PDF File Icon

How do I transfer my calls?

See "Using Your Phone Brief" PDF File Icon

How can I make long distance calls from a campus phone with restricted access, i.e. meeting rooms?

See "Using Your Phone Brief" PDF File Icon and sub-head > Authorization code.

How can I save voice mail messages to my desktop?

See "Cisco Unity Inbox Guide" word-icon

Most commonly used features

  • Supports telecommuting
  • Up to 6 party conference calling
  • Voicemail
  • Calling trees
  • Abbreviated dialing
  • Fax server
  • Call forwarding, transfer
  • Missed calls
  • Authorization code

User Help Materials

PDF File IconIP Phone Instructions Sheet 
PDF File IconAnalog Commands Brief 
PDF File IconVoicemail Brief 
PDF File IconCustomizing Your Phone on the Web 
PDF File IconFax Server Install & Use Help Sheet 
PDF File IconUsing Your Phone Brief 

Fax Server Help

You can receive & send faxes from your computer.
PDF File IconFax Server Install & Use Help Sheet 

Voicemail Help

PDF File IconVoicemail Brief 
PDF File IconIP Phone Instructions Sheet 

Department Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty & Staff

Media Srvc & Telephone Support
(218) 281-8392
Info Tech Specialist
(218) 281-8499

Telephone Services

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