Newly elected Crookston Student Association president Greg Johnson, University of Minnesota Crookston senior, is ready to lead the UMN Crookston student body in the coming 2019 fall semester. Johnson is currently double majoring in marketing and sports and recreation management with a minor in finance. Many things drew him to the UMN Crookston, among them small class sizes, undergraduate programs that Johnson was keenly interested in pursuing, and the chance to play baseball. 

elected Crookston Student Association president Greg Johnson

“Fortunately for me, UMC has been beyond everything I thought it would be,” stated Johnson during an interview.

Johnson recalls having had many great experiences at UMN Crookston. As he arrived on campus as a freshman in 2016, he did not really know what to expect. Nonetheless, day by day, and year by year he has created amazing friendships, and gotten involved in way he did not think he ever would.

Johnson’s on-campus involvement is something he wouldn’t change for the world, “I can say now, that was the best decision I have ever made and I would not change it for the world. UMC has become my home away from home.”

One of activities that Johnson is most excited about is the podcast he recorded with UMN Crookston alumni and close friend, Zach Greenberg. Their podcast, Calling An Audible, started as a class project for them and turned into a UROP funded creative works project.

“Being able to record a weekly episode in our school was something I looked forward to and will always remember,” says Johnson.

His involvement on-campus has given them the confidence and the skillset to become the next CSA president. As Johnson recalls, he was unsure of wanting to become president at first, but talking it through with former CSA president Ben Koisti and former student senator Zach Greenberg, he was assured he could do it and felt he had the support he needed.

“My main goal is to lower on-campus dorm prices. I am currently working with fellow students on a project pertaining to this and we plan to give a presentation to the chancellor upon completion of our results and give our recommendation” says Johnson.

Being the CSA president is no easy task, and Johnson will have to face many obstacles, as well as listening to the opinions of many. When asked how he will approach issues and problems that arise, Johnson is confident that by keenly listening before speaking and understanding the issue as a whole will help him calmly and efficiently solve them.

“There is always room for improvement and learning and what better way to do that than becoming president for the CSA. Being an effective leader is critical in today’s world. I also want to be able to reflect on helping the school as much as I can, because this school has given so much to me,” states Johnson.

After graduating from UMN Crookston, Johnson plans to get a marketing job that hopefully allows him to travel often. He also wants to be actively involved in his community and give back as much as he can.

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