CROOKSTON, Minn. - It’s that time of year again at UMN Crookston for the annual North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Carwash Fundraiser, where students, faculty, and anyone else involved in local agriculture join forces to turn filthy, salt crusted cars that have been through the darkest of winters into shining vehicles of opportunity for the upcoming summer months. Not to mention, it is all for a good cause, the NACTA trip this spring. NACTA competitions have been held all over the country since 1957, and the students at U of M Crookston have accounted for numerous awards and a staggering reputation. “I would say from being a coach I think the most valuable thing is that sometimes we don't realize that with a small campus that where we rank compared to other schools, it is exciting to see these students realize how well they’re taught and how well we compete against larger and sometimes more equipped schools.” Says Theresa Helgeson, NACTA coach and Lab Services Coordinator, Agriculture & Natural Resources Department.
This year, the competition will be hosted by the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture with two locations in mind, Curtis and the school grounds in North Platte. Over a three day period multiple schools compete for their respective competition categories from March 30th to April 1st, no foolin’. Contests will include Agribusiness, Ag Communications, Ag Computers, Crops, Dairy & Livestock Judging, Soils, Precision Farming, and Livestock & Equine Management.

The competitions and events associated with the North American College & Teachers of Agriculture provide students and institutions tons of unique opportunities to connect. “The philosophy of NACTA is to build comradery between students within an institution as well as between institutions.The NACTA Judging Conference provides undergraduate students with judging opportunities in a wide array of fields. Students develop communication and technical skills important for a career in agriculture” per nacta

The car washes will be held every Thursday and Friday from 1-5 p.m (not including spring break) through March 25th, the week before the competitions commence. UMN Crookston is looking to add another sweepstakes award to their collection along with numerous individual feats. Coach Theresa Helgeson states that she looks forward to the competition and is eager to see the fundraiser results. “The team is very appreciative of everyone's support,” she said. Contact Melissa Hammer at to schedule a time, each car wash is forty dollars. All vehicles are cleaned in the Kiser Building, and can be picked up and dropped off for your convenience.

Story Contact: Shawn Smith