University of Minnesota Crookston Associate Professor Eric Castle recently submitted a creative work to the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) juried art competition and his piece was selected as one of six finalists among artists from 27 countries. Jury comments about Castle’s submission call it “a compelling vision of anthropized nature, conveying the visual aspects of landscapes through a symbolic representation of the interaction between humans and nature… ”.

Finalist: Fremont Fields - Eric Castle
Finalist: Fremont Fields - Eric Castle

“I created Fremont Fields while visiting rural, agricultural landscapes of the American West,” Castle explained. “The art competition hosted by the International Federation of Landscape Architects was seeking submissions that reflected landscapes of the future. As agricultural landscapes are an essential component of any landscape future I was excited to submit.”

“Fremont Fields” is described as a “vertical panoramic vista topped by mountains that stand as sentinels of time. Their peaks scrape water from the atmosphere while their slopes erode to the valleys below, where agriculture captures both. Here, the story of human endeavor and natural beauty converges in a tale of mutual respect and reliance.”

“I am honored that my piece was selected as a finalist among so many other insightful creations,” he added.  

The IFLA Artistic Landscape Competition invited people to imagine their vision of the landscape of the future and the competition was launched under the motto “Challenges around the world - The landscape of the future. Landscape in 25 years = 100 years of IFLA”. Fifty-one artists from 27 countries responded to the call and submitted their work, a jury of representatives from all IFLA regions (America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East) representing all parts of the world.

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