Photo of Jennifer Lax

Jennifer Lax is a senior majoring in criminal justice and communication. She is a member of both the cross country and women’s basketball teams and is in the Criminal Justice Club. In her free time she loves to fish, hunt, snowboard, golf, read, and play video games on occasion. Lax was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sports, clubs, and activities available on campus despite the small size. She feels there is always something to keep her busy.

Lax is from Sleepy Eye, Minn., and chose UMN Crookston because the small town atmosphere was so familiar to the area where she grew up. She also knew she would be able to gain great experience in her future field. This has proven to be true, as she currently works at Tri-County Corrections and gets hands-on experience. After four years at UMN Crookston, her favorite part of being a student here is the small and personable class sizes. She has great relationships with her teachers and often has in-depth conversations between her professors and other students within her criminal justice courses.

In the criminal justice field, Lax hopes to make a difference. She hopes to be a positive influence in people’s lives whether she ends up being a police officer, probation agent, corrections officer, or an investigator. Her dream would be to work for a federal law enforcement agency specializing in intelligence. She is passionate about changing law enforcement for the better and hopes she can make an impact.

Written for the Fall 2020 Torchlight e-Newsletter.

Story Contact: Shawn Smith