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Senior Nicki Mazour has always been interested in a career in healthcare. The senior from Moorhead, Minn., was able to find the perfect degree for her at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Mazour knew coming into college that she wanted to be in the healthcare field, but she did not know which specific direction to go in. She found that the health science degree is one that comes with a lot of options, and it allowed for more opportunities to go into professional fields for medicine.

The decision to come to UMC was based upon the fact that other schools did not have a health science degree. Instead they had more specific degrees and that was not the path Mazour wanted to take.

“By pursuing a health science degree, I would be able to have the option to change my mind and that’s something that was unique to both the degree and UMC. I really wanted to challenge myself and study a broader amount of areas in the medical field.”

One of the aspects of UMN Crookston that Mazour appreciates is the small class size as it allows the students to really be able to get to know the professors. She found this be especially valuable in the more challenging science classes.

Throughout her coursework her at UMN Crookston, Mazour has found Professor Tony Schroeder to be one of her favorites. She has also enjoyed being able to do research on campus.

“I’ve enjoyed having classes with Professor Schroeder because he really cares about teaching and brings a lot of personality to the class. He makes sure that everyone is really understanding the material,” stated Mazour.

Mazour has also found value in the many opportunities that are available on campus to get involved. Her involvement at UMC includes having two on campus jobs, being a CA for the Centennial Hall, playing intramurals, and she is also in some clubs. Mazour noted that she feels she can better balance all of her activities and school work on a small campus.

Mazour is also helping to start a pre-health club with a few other girls. She is one of the founding members and she is proud of her involvement in the project, especially during her senior year at UMN Crookston.

“I think that involvement in this project will be an important thing for me to complete my senior year. It will be nice to know that even though I am leaving the campus, I was able to have a positive impact on it.”

Mazour recently had an interview at the Mayo Clinic for graduate school. The interview consisted of 4 questions and there were 500 applications. Of those 500 only 28 people will be accepted. She applied through the physical therapy school website system. The application required letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and her documentation of observation hours.

Mazour chose to interview for the physical therapy component because she’s been interested in healthcare for a long time, loves to help others, and she doesn’t want a desk job. Both her sister and father have received physical therapy and that also worked to influence her decision.

She has applied to 7 different universities. She would love to go to UND because it is in an area that she likes, however she stated that the Mayo Clinic would be hard to pass up.

Future plans for Mazour include becoming a doctor of physical therapy and working in Minnesota or the Midwest region.

Mazour’s advice for incoming students includes to get connected with faculty in the MST department because they can help direct you and answer questions, find your interests, and to be sure to find ways to get involved in areas that you like.

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Story Contact: Shawn Smith