Join UMN Crookston Concert and Lectures for a free concert.  Concert and Lectures, the Sons of Norway along with the Northwest Regional Arts Council are hosting the O’Neil Family Band, on November 16, in Bede Ballroom located in the Sargeant Student Center from 7-8 p.m.   Parking and admission are free.

The O’Neil Family Band is composed of Tom O'Neil, guitar and fiddle, Jeanne O'Neil, banjo and concertina, and Erin O'Neil, fiddle and feet.  Together, they celebrate a form of dance and music that has endured for ages. Throughout the years, these tunes and dances continue to be danced and played across the country -- an art form that never dies out simply because it belongs to the people.     

The O’Neils have been holding community dances, presenting concerts, and performing since the 1980s. Tom and Jeanne met in Ames, Iowa, in 1978, as members of the Onion Creek Cloggers. In 1986, they moved to the Red River Valley and formed North Country Fiddle and Dance, a community dance organization that holds regular community dance events.  In 1989, daughter Erin was born.  Raised in a household where music and dance played a daily role,  Erin began step dancing at age three, fiddling at age five, and composing at age 11. The O'Neils' repertoire includes reels, jigs, waltzes, schottisches, and hornpipes, many of which were composed by Erin. With roots in Metis tunes, French Canadian music, Scandinavian and Celtic tunes, as well as New England and Appalachian tunes, the O'Neil's music is a unique blend of these traditions but with a style all its own.  

All are welcome, the dance floor will be out, and fiddle music will be playing. If you have any special requests or questions contact Rae French 218-281-8339. 

Story Contact: Rae French