Agriculture enthusiast, Katie Emmett, has been nurturing her passion for the field since she was little. Emmett, a native of Ireland, grew up surrounded by fields and working on her neighbor's dairy farm since she was eight years old. On the farm, she would milk the cows, feed the cows or calves, and work diligently on every aspect involved with running a farm.

Katie Emmett and her coach

Aside from agriculture, Emmett has always been an active athlete, “At home I have always taken part in different sports. I played soccer, Gaelic football, and rugby for both my school team and also for club teams outside of school. I also trained a younger girls’ soccer team and also worked on many different soccer camps over the summer for the FAI.”

Emmett, an agricultural education major at UMN Crookston, has an active lifestyle whether on the farm or the soccer field. When looking for a university, Emmett wanted to find a place where she could bring her two passions together. 

“I chose UMN Crookston because it had the perfect major for me and it also gave me the opportunity to continue to play at the college level. It also had such a homey and welcoming feel when I came on my visit,” stated Emmett. 

Emmett has found a place where she can thrive everyday doing what she loves the most. Even though Emmett is thousands of miles away from home, she has found her love for agriculture can only grow at UMN Crookston, “I have had a passion for agriculture as I witnessed firsthand just how important agriculture is. Also agriculture is a very hands-on subject which really helped me to decide that I want to go into this major and help the future generation of students.” 

Katie Emmett with a fellow student looking through nets in a river

Emmett enjoys the hands-on experiences she gets at UMN Crookston and the ability to continue learning about agriculture every day from some of the most knowledgeable faculty members.

“My favorite classes are my agriculture classes as they are the most hands on classes. As far as faculty, I would say that my advisors, Lyle [Westrom] and Nathan [Purrington], have both been extremely good to me and did a lot for me. Especially being both an international student and a transfer I have not made their lives one bit easy so I am extremely grateful for all they do for me,” mentioned Emmett.

Emmett’s time at UMN Crookston has allowed her to nourish her zest for agriculture and sports. However, she has also found time to be involved in various activities and leadership roles. 

“I am a part of the CA staff which allows me to access a lot of different activities and clubs that are on campus and get the opportunity to join those activities,” commented Emmett. 

Having various activities and being so involved on campus requires great organizational and time management skills from Emmett, “setting daily and weekly tasks helps me to stay motivated and also thinking about soccer and when I get to play keeps me motivated.” 

Her life motto, “What’s meant for you won’t pass you” also helps Emmett give her best every single day.

Emmett can be seen assisting during many student events, helping in the residential life department, playing on the soccer field, or in the country during one of her classes. She has taken every opportunity that UMN Crookston offers and utilized them to help her mold an undergraduate experience she will never forget.

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