The University of Minnesota Crookston will host its second faculty research expertise showcase March 2, 2023 from 12-2 p.m. in the Sargeant Student Center and invite educational institutions, industry partners, community stakeholders, and the general public to attend. Faculty from all four departments on campus will present posters in their respective fields of expertise and share more information about their published abstracts.

The event is being held to share the intellectual capital available at the UMN Crookston and to help promote collaborations. Examples of research and project topics that will be showcased include, but are not limited to:

  • Exercise motivation among special populations
  • Sterol composition and morphological identification of freshwater sponges in Minnesota
  • The effects of fertilizer sources and site location on the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilization of local agricultural waste products for production of viable biopesticides in mosquito infested regions via rudimentary fermentation
  • Stimulating STEM opportunities in West Africa
  • Trust in cryptocurrency investment
  • Using agronomic data to minimize impact of field conditions on player injuries
  • Changes in mare milk composition in response to concentrate feeding

UMN Crookston faculty who will be showcased at the event include professor Joseph Shostell, associate professors Eric Castle, Venugopal Mukku, Ken Myers, Ali Saeedi, Eddie G. Walker II, Kristie Walker, Anthony Schroeder, Tim Dudley, Katy Chapman, Brian Dingmann, and Kevin Thompson, assistant professors Anas Al-Fattal, James Foss, Anita M. Gust, Mohammed Hossain, Rachel Lundbohm, Morgan Pyles, and Oxana Wieland, senior lecturers Rutherford Johnson and Craig Miller, lecturer Md. Saifur Rahman, and teaching specialist Karl Anderson.

View bios and abstracts from faculty and others involved in the showcase


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