CROOKSTON, Minn. - Real. Hands on. Ready. At the University of Minnesota Crookston, those words make up the motto of the Exercise Science and Wellness program. UMN Crookston offers a unique experience that many students at other colleges and universities are deprived of; experiential learning. When it comes to exercise science and physiology, you will rarely find yourself at a desk. 

But wait! There’s more. Our experiential learning curriculum doesn’t stop at exercise science, it stretches across all sciences. Interested in careers after the classes? The opportunities are plentiful from fitness trainer, exercise physiologist and kinesiology to name a few.  Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movement. While kinesiology is the general study of how we move, exercise science is a subfield that focuses on how to improve health and wellness through that movement.  Majors like these offer numerous opportunities to succeed in the field, the lab, and the classroom while leaving you with a competitive edge employers love when it comes to entering the workforce and beyond.  One may find themselves wondering “what more could there possibly be beyond a University of Minnesota degree?”

“The Exercise Science and Wellness program at Crookston provides hands-on training to all our students as a result of which the acceptance rate of ours students into graduate programs (PT and OT) is more than 90%,” says Venugopal Mukku,Ph.D., Associate Professor and Department Head, Math, Science and Technology, UMN Crookston. The future of sports medicine that makes up our 2021 exercise science class were all accepted at their respective graduate schools, and rightfully so.  “The support here is unbelievable,” Katie Humhej, 2021 alum said.

In today’s age, health is wealth, and an exercise science degree from the University of Minnesota Crookston will leave you rich, not only with a competitive starting salary, but with understanding as well. One can expect:

  • Blending knowledge of exercise physiology along with nutrition and wellness
  • Supporting the physical and mental well being of fellow colleagues and classmates
  • Learn skills in fitness appraisal, exercise programming, wellness counseling, and motivation techniques
  • Advancing their education into the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, and chiropractic care

“UMN Crookston’s program guides students to career paths in exercise physiology, kinesiology, strength and conditioning, fitness training, fitness and wellness training for special populations, such as older adults and those with chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer, and metabolic diseases) wellness coaching and physical activity in public health”, said Anita Gust, Assistant Professor, Math, Science and Technology Department.   Humhej said she visited UMN Crookston one weekend last year when she found out that she could complete her last year of athletic eligibility, and earn a second degree in one year. “Everyone being so friendly and outgoing right away, stepping on campus I felt like I had a second home,” said Humhej.

The importance of exercise science is real. Our academics are hands-on, and our students are more than ready to take on the physical and mental wonders of exercise science. For more information about the Exercise Science and Wellness program contact the Office of Admissions at: 

Story Contact: Shawn Smith