As articulated by President Gabel this morning, yesterday's violence at the U.S. Capitol is not acceptable.  

My first and obviously impressionable memory of citizenship and civility was when I was about five. I was in the car with my 11 year old brother.  He was complaining because his project hadn’t done as well at the county fair as he expected.  My Mother stopped that conversation out immediately when she said the 4-H motto is "To win without bragging, lose without squealing."  

We must do better than yesterday’s actions.  Our democratic system is an idea and ideal that relies on the rule of law.  WIthout a democratic system no one gets a voice. We respect first amendment rights, and we equally respect our democratic system that provides for a peaceful transition of power to sustain itself.  

I am immensely proud to be a U.S. citizen and revere our more than 200 plus years of continuous democracy.  

At the University of Minnesota Crookston we hold the ideals of democracy and peaceful transition of power to be sacrosanct.

Chancellor Mary

Story Contact: Shawn Smith