University of Minnesota Crookston Assistant Professor Al Fattal Anas, Ph.D. has been selected to be a faculty fellow in the 2024-2025 University of Minnesota Emerging Technologies Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP). Fattal will attend the Faculty Fellowship kick-off meeting on January 8, 2024.

The Emerging Technologies faculty fellowship program aims to help faculty weave AI (artificial intelligence) technology into their courses. As a fellow, Fattal will develop measurable project goals, a timeline for implementation, and budgetary needs to realize project goals, plus collaborate with teaching support FFP consultants, share within the FFP cohort results of iterative exploration and application of using generative AI tools, and present final results to the broader University of Minnesota community.

"The introduction of AI technologies, accompanied by the considerable controversy surrounding its implications, instantly triggered my interest in how this technology could impact various facets of marketing and education," Fattal explained. "I have already been integrating several AI technologies into my teaching for Fall '23, yet I believe the fellowship program is an excellent opportunity to take my teaching to a new level that relates well with current technological advancements."

Fattal says he has several ideas already for possible projects with one being the creation of an interactive AI-powered platform designed to assist students in improving their marketing plans in the Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3300) course.

"This platform will present students with a series of questions about the specifics of their marketing plans and encourage them to consider various dimensions for analysis," he added. "For instance, students will be guided to conduct a comprehensive market analysis, incorporating the PEEST framework (Political, Economic, Environmental, Social, and Technological) to scrutinize their marketing plan in light of these aspects. After students complete their analysis, the platform will review their work and highlight relevant dimensions they may have overlooked. This will provide students with firsthand experience on how AI can enhance their understanding and decision-making in the field." 

"The Fellowship Program holds a strong appeal for me due to its unique and innovative approach to professional development, which aligns perfectly with my generative AI project and my broader professional goals," Fattal shared.  

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