University of Minnesota Crookston Inspired Art Journal - Issue 10 cover of a sunset on a lake

The University of Minnesota Crookston Writing Center recently announced its tenth issue of the Inspired Art Journal, which is a publication of creative works by UMN Crookston students, staff, faculty, and alumni. This journal includes prose, poetry, visual arts, and photography. A meet and greet event was held in April 2023 where the featured artists were recognized for their talent, and were able to pick up a copy of the journal. 

“This year, I have been thrilled to include students in the publication of this issue; a special thank you goes out to Kate Bunner and Caleb Mendez, both of whom are students who are also part of the Writing Center,” said Assistant Director of Student Success Josh Parrill. “These two have collaborated wonderfully to design the layout of this edition. I also want to thank all the contributors to this issue. Artwork is personal and sharing it with others requires vulnerability. I appreciate that each of our contributors is willing to share their works with our campus community to show us the product of their inspiration.”

Inspired is an opportunity for anyone associated with UMN Crookston to have their talent and art featured in a publication. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni published in the categories of prose, poetry, visual arts, photography, and the haiku winner include: 

Jayla Williams
Kennedy Stanek

Jayla Williams
Kari Sundberg
Matthew Loeslie
Adria Peters
Kennedy Stanek
Janie Tormanen
Kate Bunner

Visual Arts:
Erin Turman
Mackenzie Ondrush
Isabella Anderson
Jenna Pedrow
Kate Bunner
Cat Adkins
Eric Castle
Kelsey Harms
Trinity Fredericks
Zachary Weston 

Caitlin Kalita
Colson Barnett
Zahra Pagirighalehnoei
Alex Carlton

Earth Day Haiku Contest Winner: 
Jayla Williams

Story Contact: Josh Parrill - - (218) 281-8558