Photo of UMN Crookston International Students volunteering at the ice-cream stand












CROOKSTON, Minn. - UMN Crookston international students representing Korea, China, Nepal, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Morocco, Canada, Pakistan and India attended the Chautauqua and French-Canadian/Metis Festival, which was held August 27-29 at Old Crossing and Treaty Park in Huot, Minn.

The international students were joined by several local students who took away just as much as their international counterparts. They were able to visit with local authors, taste bread and pizza from an earth oven, and watched a demonstration on how brooms were made in the past in french-canadian style. The students also had the chance to interact with people from the community as they volunteered at the ice-cream stand.

The Chautauqua and French-Canadian/Metis Festival originated 39 years ago and is held the fourth weekend of August annually. The festival features traditional music and dance, food specialties, artists and artisans, cultural education, and historical presentations.

Story Contact: Shawn Smith