CROOKSTON, Minn. - Five UMN Crookston seniors and twelve study abroad students were sashed at the International graduation and sashing ceremony, last Monday.  Each year the UMN Crookston seniors get their sash and wear this during commencement ceremonies. 

Sashing is an annual event recognizing students' international travel. Sam Hassan (Fall '20) and Rose Kanssole (Spring 2021) also were recognized.

Photo of Students with their Sashes





From left: Lauren Green who went to Ireland, Stephenie Severson who went to Belize, Kiana Johnson who went to Belize, Charli Schocker who went to Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Rose Dittman who went to Ireland. 

Photo of International Students with their Sashes




From left: Yutong Lei (China), Jianglong Huang (China), Keyu Lai (China), Kimie Shiozawa (Japan), Jassey Ibu (United Kingdom), Peiyue Shen (China), Shuyu Wang (China), Rose Kanssole (Burkina Faso), Sam Hassan (Pakistan), Katie Emmett (Ireland), Manpreet Singh (India), Marshall Mbanga (Zimbabwe), Absent: Yilin Che (China), Hongkai Chen (China)  

Ken Mendez 2011, was the evening’s keynote. Mendez shared a story of how his own father arrived in the United States on May 19, 1927 and his interactions with international students and the mutual impact they have had on one another over the years at UMN Crookston.  

The International Alliance Award went to George French, Ph.D  and Ken Mendez.  These were awards chosen by students.

Story Contact: Shawn Smith