CROOKSTON, Minn. - Current UMN Crookston student-athlete Connor Humble, a name journalists can only dream about, was kind enough to share his experience as a Golden Eagle and just how his degree landed him his dream job. It has been a busy four years for the Rosemount native, whether it be in a classroom or on the course, a double major/double minor is no small feat. Like many of our students, Humble chose U of M Crookston due to the small campus feel, where it is easy to feel welcomed and noticed by faculty and staff along with the other students. Along with our approachable atmosphere at UMN Crookston, Humble also credits his sister, Ashlee, another UMC student-athlete, for helping him realize that Crookston was the way to go for academics and athletics. After his smooth transition to college life, Connor quickly found comfort in the golf team, which he describes as “the best experience he could have ever asked for.” Humble emphasizes his appreciation for all the different courses and climates he was able to play at considering the golf season in Minnesota is three months long, maybe four if you don’t mind walking and being without flagsticks. 

Like most team sports, the best memories that are made are on road trips or even spending time with your teammates off the course. Yes, I may be speaking from experience, but Humble reassures me by stating “My favorite memories would be going on long road trips with the guys. With Crookston being so far north we travel six-plus hours to get to their tournaments. It gets a little packed at times, but we always found a way to have fun.”  Not only do student-athletes learn a lot from one another, Humble credits a few faculty and staff members for his success as well. “Head coach Brad Heppner helped me in the recruiting process to UMC. He has always been helpful in making the transition to college golf much easier.” He also mentions Ken Mendez, his work-study supervisor for the past five years. Humble states that his relationship with Mendez has taught him numerous things that will carry over to his professional career.

Speaking of professional careers, Humble is beginning his career at the well-acclaimed Minikahda Club in Minneapolis, Minn. Unfortunately, my competitive golf career ended at 18, so I became a writer. However, my competitive edge has no expiration date, so I still golf for fun and enjoy the beautiful courses Minnesota has to offer. Of course, The Minikahda Club is on the list.  Humble will preside as the assistant golf professional, working specifically in the golf operation side of the Country Club. His duties will include helping out with golf leagues for their members, marking and maintaining the course and operations for regular play and tournaments, conducting group and individual golf lessons (Connor, expect a call), lastly, build and maintain relationships with members. 

Obviously, Humble’s position was earned, not given. His pursuit of a UMN Crookston degree in sports and recreation management, finance, management, and marketing got his foot in the door to the Minnesota Golf Association. There, he was a USGA (United States Golf Association) P.J. Boatwright intern who helped with tournament operations for their Men’s Championships as well as USGA qualifiers. “I was able to meet many head golf professionals throughout the internships which assisted me when searching for a job in the golf industry. I would say both degrees and my golf career from UMN Crookston has helped me land the position and will help me build relationships in the future” says Humble.  We at UMN Crookston wish him luck in his future endeavors and personally I would love to see him back for the Ernotte Hiller this summer where it all began: Minakwa Golf Course.

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